THE LAST NEW YORKER (2010) Written by Adam Forgash and Directed by Harvey Wang

            Starring Dominic Chianese, Dick Latessa, Kathleen Chalfant and Josh Hamilton

Lenny Sugarman is the last of a dying breed - a nostalgic lovelorn eighty one year old New Yorker whose city has outgrown him. When Lenny’s luck runs out, his best friend, Ruben, hatches a plan for both of them to get out of town. But Lenny’s not going anywhere. He’ s got two more rolls left in him; one for the money, and one for the love of a beautiful woman. The story is above all a romance - a romance with a New York City that used to be, a romance with one of that city’s last survivors, and a romance of a desperate man in his late years striking out for his last chance to find love.

The Last New Yorker