Entertainment Design Magazine, May 2001

Article about Costuming “Suburb”, a new musical presented by The York Theatre Company, NYC

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Entertainment Design Magazine,

August/September 1999

Detailed article about costuming “Reunion”, a “Civil War Epic in Miniature”, at the AMAS Musical Theatre, NYC, 1999

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SUBURB - The York Theatre Company, NYC

Theater Mania, March 2, 2001 by Barbara and Scott Siegel

“Directed by Jennifer Uphoff-Gray with simple stylishness, the show moves right along at a nifty pace. John Carrafa’s choreography serves the songs well, and he provides Suburb with just the right amount of kinetic energy. Kris Stone’s set design – particularly for the mall scene – is economical and cute, while Jan Finnell’s costumes seem to come (amusingly) right out of that mall.”

Talkin’ Broadway, March 2001 by Marjorie Shapiro

“The costumes by Jan Finnell supported each scene and character from chic to sporty, from juvenile to retiree and even included outfits for dancing grass.”

NOISES OFF - Paper Mill Playhouse, Millburn, New Jersey

The Trenton Times, January 19, 2000 by Ted Otten

“The production is super. Michael Anania’s sets, Jack Mehler’s lighting, and Jan Finnell’s costumes meet the show’s hefty requirements...”

Suburban News, January 19, 2000 by Pat Ferro

“Michael Anania’s reversible set is excellent, as are the costumes by Jan Finnell.”

LA BOHEME - Sarasota Opera, Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, February 8, 1997 by Florence Fisher

“Scenery, costumes and lighting provided the perfect mood for each scene, and excellent stage direction made sense of even the crowded, bubbling Cafe Momus scene in the second act.”

MANON - Sarasota Opera

Bradenton Herald, February 19, 1997 by Virginia Page

“Costumes were opulent and full-fashioned.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, February 18, 1997 by Florence Fisher

“This production was well-staged, suitably lighted, lavishly costumed.....”

KONIGSKINDER - Sarasota Opera

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, March 4, 1997 by Florence Fisher

“The production is ingeniously staged, with imaginative effects for the all-important geese (two graceful figures with goose-head puppets encasing their arms), a mysterious figure costumed as part of the linden tree - part guardian angel, part swooping dove. “

ERNANI - Sarasota Opera

The Herald, March 11, 1997 by Virginia Page

“Costumes coordinated by Jan Finnell in tones of gold, muted red and black and silver brocade add to the total visual effect. Silver masks in the final scene are spectacular.”