Set in working-class Manchester in the early 1970s, COMEDIANS (Trevor Griffiths) chronicles six men in dead-end jobs who aspire to a better life. It’s the last night of their comedy class; their teacher sends them off to a local nightclub, where they will perform before a famous London comedian-turned agent, who will choose among them for a shot at the big time.

Directed by veteran performer Ron Holgate for the New Phoenix Theatre Company, New York, with Jud Meyers, Brian Smiar,  Jeff Brooks, John Elsen, Daniel Marcus, Stevie Ray Dallimore, Matthew Greer, Jack Stubblefield Johnson, Dermot McNamara, Harsh Nayyar and David Rogers. Scenic and Lighting design by James Tilton



NOISES OFF (Michael Frayn)

A frenzied farce about  a hapless  troupe of actors performing a dreadful sex comedy, Nothing On,  and the hilarious goings-on seen from backstage as well as front.

Paper Mill Playhouse, Millburn, New Jersey

Directed by James Brennan; starring Brian Murray, Anne Rogers, Ed Staudenmayer, Lisby Larsen, Blair Sams, Fiona Gallagher, Graeme Malcom, Leo Leyden, and Johnathon McClain.

Scenic design by Michael Anania and Lighting design by Jack Mehler

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REUNION: A Musical Epic in Miniature, using songs of the period, letters, anecdotes and projections, chronicles the events of the Civil War as experienced by the North. Along the way, the company of six actors all take on incidental roles, giving each the opportunity to display a wide range. Directed by Ron Holgate and starring James Judy, Harriett D. Foy, Whitney Webster, Ric Ryder, James Stovall, and Joe Cassidy.